Best Foot Forward

by Jasper Hamilton



released June 22, 2015



all rights reserved


Jasper Hamilton Arlington, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Rinse Cycle
To reevaluate the persipitation
To consummate your occupation
To recognize what’s going down
To keep on going round and round

Your feeling bad
some might say sad
but you think you’re doing’ better
But as you go
the time you sink
starts talking’ ‘bout the weather
Your a kind of board that couldn’t build a bridge if you asked her
Takin’ time off work to finance your taxes
But it’s taxation that brought you here to talk to me
And thing to do has more to do than simply just to be

Now I’ve read your book and watched pretty television show
And I have to get a move on cause I really have to go
So I duck out of the party more like goose out if you think
Distracting you with broken faucets underneath your sink
So I walk downtown and look around for something else to drink
And I find a quiet little store with quiet little kinks
I sit down
I look up
I see her walk in
And so I take those clothes and rinse and wash and wash and rinse again
Track Name: Infiltrations Connotations
You got me working from my mind
Eating outside
You sit together all the time
Look at you lie
poetry is a mystery
look and see
Its all for me

recollection in my collection
Deposit two cents to continue the call
A prelude to my introspection
A man sitting down in a shopping mall
I listen to your conversations
Some are short and the others tall
I read the text on the pages
Try to forget I can read at all

But you can see the second person
You can sing about yourself
But Sing a song
So I can sing a long
Look’s to me is not a shelf

I need a direction to the correction
inflections on the verb I wrote Communications is a virtue
If you want to loosen the rope

Infiltrations connotations
Mapping out my roundabout
But towns are interesting places
Look at you talk about

Now it seems to me the place to be
is inside your kitchen
Maybe later on we can eat some food and watch some television
Track Name: Attitude Predictions
Attitude and Predictions
Groovy looks and conflictions
You kinda feel like your going out of style
and she hasn’t been happy in a while
And its like looking at you under glass
keeps on thinking bout her future when she lives in the past
Attitude and Predictions

Don’t worry
It’ll be alright
Down everything you say
Every day and every night
I’ll be watching to make sure you’re okay
Track Name: Fantasies Remissions
Left along like joke all across the seat
Barely learning
Like a leaf falling down from an estranged tree
Running very slowly
Like a boat that's rowing lowly
All across the sea
Fantasies remissions
Analogous televisions
Extending metaphors
All, For you and me
Track Name: Best Foot Forward
Trend Setter
Early access
Attitude and Predictions
Different Motions
And Always Remember
To put your best foot forward